1 MoodTuneUp Bottle – 90 Capsules


What's Inside

● Eleuthero Root
● American Ginseng
● Rhodiola Root
● Schizandra
● Ginger Root Powder
● 5-HTP
● Glutamine
● Vitamin B-6
● Zinc

Balance is key to optimal brain function and and its long-term health

Loss of balance disrupts nearly every system in the body – leaving us vulnerable to endless list of health challenges including brain fog, fatigue, mood disorders and memory loss.

Try a bottle of Mood TuneUp
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“A balanced brain is the key to maintaining a happy, positive outlook on life”

Eric R. Braverman, MD – Younger Brain, Sharper Mind

“A balanced brain is the foundation for a life that is happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser”

Daniel Amen, MD – Magnificent Mind at Any Age

Major Defense against brain aging

Fights Inflammation

Support healthy cortisol Levels

Support healthy mitochondrial function

Support healthy glutathione antioxidant defense

Support healthy hypothalamus and pituitary function

Mood TuneUp helps support

Positive mood

Balanced brain homeostasis

Balanced brain chemistry

Healthy neuroendocrine system

Heathy brain cells